We believe passionately in small steps towards a sustainable world for future generations, one plant at a time. 
We encourage the spirit of adventure and societal growth and stand for environmental campaigns and organic practices.

You are here to enjoy life, our mission is to bring you happiness and evoke consideration and gratitude to mother earth and the living plants we share her with.

"Making the world a better place,
one cactus at a time"
Cactus Vision came to life from a series of unfortunate events - that fortunately resulted into the birth of a love for cactus and a desire to share these plants with the world. Our CV Founders, chuckle over the relevance of an ancient Japanese quote whenever they reflect on the beginning of their journey - “From the sh*t of Godzilla the most beautiful flowers grow."
With dedication, blood, sweat and pricks (quite literally), we have brought to you Sydney’s first ever Cactus Boutique – yet the vision doesn’t end here.

The true extent of our vision is yet to be revealed. But what we can tell you now, is we are working to share more love & cacti in the years to come.
From the core of our hearts, we thank you for reading this message, visiting our website and supporting our Cactus Vision.

We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we have enjoyed the challenge.

- Love, Peace & Planting, Cactus Vision